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Owner and Instructor Dr. Damon Simmons is an IADLEST Natio​nally Certified Instructor and Adjunct Professor at Purdue University Global. To learn more about Dr. Simmons, view his bio page.

Vigilance, Monitoring, Commitment

Online Training

Organizational and Personal Best Practices for Employee Health and Wellness

This course is structured to assist attendees understand the impact of work-related stress on law enforcement and to provide strategies (e.g., leadership, self-awareness, and work-life balance) that are designed to facilitate overall health and wellness.

Curriculum includes course work and interactive activities on:

Police Culture

Social Roles

Pre-Employment Trauma

Physiology of Stress

Physiology of Work-Related Stress

The Impact of Stress on Law Enforcement (depression, cardiovascular disease, alcoholism, domestic violence, suicide, turnover, absenteeism)

Stress management Interventions

The Effect of Leadership Theories and Styles on Work-Related Stress

The Benefits of a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Goal Setting (The three P’s, SMART goals, visualization, prioritizing)

Minimizing work and home stress

Overall Stress Management (exercise, nutrition, and sleep)

Understanding Self (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)

Time Management

Mood Management

Interpersonal Awareness (thinking styles, learning styles, listening, body language, and transactional analysis)

This an interactive course with numerous personal course activities.

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January 8, 2020

Understanding and Mitigating the Effects of Stress on Law Enforcement


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