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Welcome! If you have found yourself here, please know that I am excited to meet with you on a profound level, to hear you and to share in this experience with you.

I Am Listening is just that- it’s simple, it’s quiet, it’s compassionate. My goal is to provide a safe connection with you while sharing space and energy. Throughout this connection, you are safe to explore your thoughts, your feelings and your low vibrations through me, to have the time and space to quietly reflect on what you’re saying without the worry that you will be diagnosed or judged. I am not here to diagnose you, to judge you, to pass assumptions on you; rather, I am here to give you the freedom to say what is heavy on your mind and soul. I am here to provide you with a sense of connection during this time of learning, reflecting and healing. I believe that by speaking, sharing and reflecting on what we experience, the healing we seek will have already begun. Sitting through low vibrations can be hard work and even daunting to some but turning inward can also be freeing and that’s exactly what I hope for, for all of my clients! Freedom from what is heavy within them. It’s often the case that we need to speak to someone, one on one, outside of our spouse/partner/ friend. It’s also often the case that this is thought of traditionally as a licensed therapist! Now, this may still be a route for many to look at, even in conjunction with seeing me; however, up until this point, you may not have known that there is another option out there. I am quiet, I listen to your unique story and allow you the space to connect with your words, with your emotions and with yourself. I hold this space for you for as long as you need me to.

I look forward to listening to you, hearing your story, and sharing this sacred space with you! 


[email protected]