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Congratulations on taking a monumental step in reducing stress in your life! Your Personal Stress Profile (PSP) will be an important tool in managing your stress. Your PSP will be a living document, an action plan, based on knowledge and strategies you acquire during your stress management journey. As your life changes and evolves, so to will your PSP and the strategies you take to combat stress in your life. Prevention begins with awareness, and your path to awareness begins here!

Adopted from: Adamson, E. (2002). Everything Stress Management Book. Avon: Adams Media Corporation.

Damon Simmons, PhD, C.S.M.S

LEO Firstline, L.L.C

Your Personal Stress Profile Contents

1. Stress Management Questionnaire 

2. Your Personal Stress Test

3. Your Stress Tolerance Point Analysis

4. Your Stress Trigger Analysis

5. Your Stress Vulnerability Factor Analysis

6. Your Stress Response Tendencies Analysis

7. Your Stress Management Profile

Your Personal Stress Profile

Click in the link below to download your PSP

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